SnoMaster Traveller Series

Compact, Spacious & Efficient

SnoMaster Traveller Series

High Density 55mm Insulation

SnoMaster Traveller Series

Padded Transit Bag Included

SnoMaster Traveller Series

SnoMaster Compressor - 5 Yr Warranty

SnoMaster Traveller Series

The SnoMaster Traveller Series of portable fridge freezers has been designed as a more compact solution for shorter periods of travel like weekends away.  The 55 mm high pressure injected Polyurethane insulation in the walls of the Traveller Series is encased in high quality stainless steel bodies.

The SnoMaster compressor comes with a full 5 year warranty and can run off 12V, 24V or 240V. The 55mm thick high density insulation combined with the SnoMaster technology provides the Traveller Series with excellent performance,  The low speed power draw of the SnoMaster Compressor is only 2.5 amps and high speed power draw is only 5 amps, plus there is a soft start function to protect components.  The units also have a programmable low power cut off function that can be set between 10-11.5V providing ultimate protection for your battery systems. The combination of SnoMaster's proprietary smart technology, build quality and the 55mm insulation in the Traveller Series range is an ideal combination for these compact units.

All units in the SnoMaster Traveller Series range come standard with a host of additional features including, quality transit bag, an LED cabinet light, an open door alarm function that sounds if the door is left open for more than 3 minutes, a wireless remote control for monitoring and adjustment of  performance, which can be recharged with an inbuilt solar panel.

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